Our Difference

What makes Majestic Domestics Different?

cleaning serviceWhat makes any company better than another? People right! Our team love their jobs – we are all probably a little OCD and we see dirt in places you never even thought of. Our normal process of attacking every room of course customized to your “plan” you’re “budget” and your level of what you need to bring a smile to your face when you see those vacuum lines on the floor when you get home.

We provide customized cleaning service to meet your needs. You can count on us to always to the following things no matter what room we are in. Most cleaning companies do not do these things.


  • Steam clean mop – hardwood and tile floor – this gets deep dirt out and leaves a beautiful shiny glow.
  • We vacuum all carpet – Our vacuums have greater power than a residential vacuum so we tend to pull up that scary pet hair that can cause your family to suffer from indoor allergies.
  • We clean moldings, air vents, hard to reach places, baseboards, and wipe insides of windows.
  • Lighting is wiped down and shades are vacuumed – letting the light back into your life
  • Ceiling fans are wiped down – do you know how much dust the can collect and every time you turn a fan on you are throwing the dirt back into your room and noses.
  • Pet Beds – are vacuumed every visit
  • Window Sills are wiped down
  • Dust Silk plants – an overlooked place that Holds dirt and allergy causing critters
  • We tidy up – fold blankets and throws
  • TV and electronics – we dry swifter all pieces and glass clean the TV screens
  • Leather wipe – if you have leather we wipe it down.
  • Vacuum – walk in closets
  • Electric sockets wiped down


  • Microwave, toaster oven inside and out
  • Top of refrigerator
  • Cabinets are cleaned each visit so the grease that can build up on them doesn’t get a chance to attract dust and dirt to the often sticky cabinets.
  • Appliance Wipes – (ask us about an extra service of cleaning the inside for you).
  • Sanitize your Sink – are killing bacteria that often forms in the deepest part of your sink.
  • Wipe Down – anything on your counters


  • Sanitize – is the word you want to hear for this germ carrying room, toilets, showers and sinks
  • Steam clean floors, tile, wood
  • Toilets, tubs, showers are cleaned and sanitized, top, bottom, glass cleaner used to make doors shine. So often soap builds up on doors and that can start to hold dirt.
  • Light fixtures – dusted


  • We have years of experience to know what the best, fresh products are and we invest in the top of the line cleaning products to insure your home sparkles when we leave
  • We have “Green Clean Options”
  • Top of the line floor cleaners to prevent your floor from getting dull
  • We are happy to use customers products