How to Clean and Maintain Tile Flooring?

A house with tile flooring should be shiny and gleaning to the point where it almost feels guilty to subject it to dirty pair of slippers. Cleaning the floor may sound like a labor-intensive task, but it really is quite easy.

Follow these tips to clean and maintain the good looks of your tile flooring:

  • Loose debris – such as dirt and dust – can scratch tile flooring faster than you may think. Keep dirt off by sweeping and vacuuming the floor on regular basis. Do not use straw broom to sweep the floor, as it can also scratch the tiles.

  • Mop once a week with a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Use the right types of mop and soap specified by the tile manufacturer. Put in mind that you must dry the floor properly soon after mopping because wet surface is a magnet for dirt.

  • Clean spills as soon as they hit the floor. Although tiles are pretty stain resistant, some liquids can cause a lasting stain for examples nail polish, ink, grease, and blood. Leaving them unwashed for just several hours may even result in permanent marks. Use absorbent cloth to wipe up the spills; use disinfectant if necessary.

As preventive measures, put door mats and rugs in some areas where foot traffic is high. A door mats must be placed in front of every door to help remove dirt from your shoes before entering the house. Rugs in the most frequently used rooms are good ideas too, as it can help prevent spills from directly hitting the floor. That being said, you must clean the rugs regularly as well.

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