How to Properly Clean Dryer Vent?

Lint accumulates over time in the dryer vent. Not only is this unhygienic, but the material is also flammable. Failure to maintain the cleanliness of this particular vent can lead to disastrous consequences due to fire. You should inspect and clean the dryer vent on a regular basis. The cleaning schedule should depend on how often you use the dryer and how many clothes you put in it on a typical day. Follow these procedures for proper thorough cleaning:

  • Inspect the outside vent opening. If there are obstructions – for example, animal nests, leaves, and any other debris – remove them as best as you can. The ground-level vent opening is a favorite nesting location for rodents.
  • Now go back inside and pull the dryer away from the wall to gain access to the electrical cord and the interior duct hose. Unplug the cord (or turn off the gas) to ensure safety.
  • Remove the lint filter and duct joint from the unit. Clean visible debris from both the lint and lint housing. Use a long flexible brush to reach deeper into the housing.
  • Vacuum the lint filter, lint housing, and duct joint.
  • Remove the entire exposed ductwork connected to the outside wall opening. Brush and vacuum the entire duct as well as the wall opening.
  • Reassemble all parts previously removed, and install a replacement if needs be.

Cleaning a dryer vent is a pretty simple task involving only brushing and vacuuming. However, you need to disassemble some detachable components to ensure proper cleaning. Refer to the user manual if you have difficulties disassembling/reassembling the parts.

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