How To Properly Dispose of Grease?

When cleaning up after cooking, you should never pour grease down the drain. Once the grease cools down, it turns into a solid matter. Over time, all the grease you pour down the drain is going to clog the sewer pipes, causing plumbing problems in your home and neighborhood.

If you have any grease you need to get rid of, check out the following tips on how to properly dispose of grease.

Disposal of Grease That Solidifies

You want to allow grease that solidifies to cool down before you dispose of it. If you want to speed up the process, place it in a disposable container, and then leave it in the refrigerator until it is solid. Then, place the container in a plastic bag to prevent leakage. The entire container, inside the bag, should be discarded with your trash.

Disposal of Grease That Does Not Solidify

Some grease does not solidify, but regardless, it should never be poured down the drain. The proper way to dispose the grease is to pour it in a sealed container, which can also be placed in a plastic bag before disposal. Just like with the solid grease, you want to throw the bag, with the container inside, out with your trash.

If you often find yourself dealing with grease, consider storing a few disposable containers in a cabinet or bin, so you are prepared to discard the grease.

Grease that is left over in your cookware should be removed before you wash your dishes. You do not want to unintentionally pour any grease down the drain. When removing the grease, you should always place it in the disposable container to be tossed out.

When you take the time to properly dispose of grease, you are preventing plumbing problems in your home and neighborhood.

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