Things you need to clean daily

We know what you’re thinking: “Another thing to add to my list to do?!” But trust us when we say that method is behind our madness. These seven corporations will see a big difference in their home in the long term by reducing scrubbing and scrubbing in the future, not to mention harmful germs and bacteria. Think of all the essential things that should be done every day to create that fresh and fresh feeling.

Things you should clean every day

1. The dishes
Dirty dishes attract pests and start to stink. So wash them or load them in the dishwasher after each meal. Your kitchen will look cleaner, and family members will be more likely to try their own dishes if the sink is empty.

2. Kitchen counters
Fatty prints make an unpleasant task for cooking. Attract food spills and pest crumbs. Don’t bother moving everything from the counters unless you have time or energy for that. Spray the spray with a homemade multipurpose spray and remove the microfiber cloth. Lose the trash you have in the process and also remove the food.

3. New stains on the carpet
Spills occur, but they don’t have to be permanent heights if you treat them immediately. Once a day, look at your carpet and face any new place. A mixture of dish detergent and hot water removes the freshest stains.

4. Kitchen waste
when food scraps and other kitchen waste are left to raise household pests during the night and there are odors. If you have garbage bags that cost a half-full bag, remember that $ 0.20 is much cheaper than getting rid of thieves or mice. If you are concerned about reducing plastic in the landfill, transfer it to the kitchen in biodegradable garbage bags. Either way, do not allow your trash to be filled with food scraps that rot in your kitchen overnight.

5. Doors
Toothpaste splashes and loose hairs in your bathroom can be messy even when they are not. For the kitchen sink, it’s hotter than a toilet. Give them a simple blast with spray disinfectant to sink at home or fast once with cleaning every day or, at least, with a cleaning cloth.

6. Hand towels
They could not be dirty, but tea towels were considered the most polluted place in the kitchen in a USDA-funded study. Similarly, small towels in their bathroom, according to Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Laboratory, said: “Hand towels are warmer since you use them more than once a day. Day, or even every day, if you have a large family. ”

7. Shower walls
The easiest way to get rid of shower tiles is regular maintenance, so Forte recommends that the squeegee pass the tile after each use. Drying the walls will prevent mold stains and reduce the subsequent cleaning time.

8. Coffee makers
If you’re like us, you probably break a fresh pot every day. And since your coffee maker has bacteria and a mold, you should clean it every day. “The removable parts of your coffee maker are best washed after each use to remove coffee, grind and remove oil,” said Forte. “You can wash hot, soapy water in the sink, but these are generally safe for dishwashers.

Adopt a daily cleaning procedure now, don’t confuse these five quick tasks with the actual cleaning. The minimum amount required to prevent your home from being fast is when you are very busy.

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