Things you need to clean weekly

Cleaning is one of those tasks that are never done well. It should be repeated at certain intervals depending on the cleaning tasks. I have done two parts of this section. The first part involves things that should be cleaned every week. The second part involves things that do not need to be cleaned every week. Spring is a good time to reassess your cleaning job. It is a good time to clean the whole house. But first, let’s see what to clean and how often.

Things needed to clean every week

Laundry to prevent dirty clothes from accumulating at the same time, it is best to wash it every week. That way, you can also make sure that you and your family have clean clothes. You may want to place some baskets of clothes so that the clothes are arranged and ready to wash.

Carpets and rugs even if you can’t see the dirt on the floor, it’s probably there. For this reason, you should use a vacuum cleaner on your floor every week. When it does, it is less likely to breathe dust. If you have carpets in the house, be sure to shake them out of the week. This is particularly important in high traffic areas.

Your kitchen as you are cooking the food you eat in the kitchen, you will want to make sure your kitchen stays clean. Below is a checklist of kitchen cleaning that you can use every week.
Appliances: Take time each week for your refrigerator, microwave, oven and any other appliances you have.

The floor: when you cook, the crumbs fall off. That’s why you should brush your floor weekly. If your floor looks dirty, you can wash it with a mop.
The sink: hot and humid places can generate compost and slag, but it can prevent it from sinking the sink weekly. If you have a dish left in the sink, take the time to wash and turn it off.
Take out the trash: take out the trash once a week and clean the trash outside.
Countertops: destroy your chips every week to prevent crumbs from accumulating. Also, wash your countertop with a cleaner to remove dirt.

Bathroom you should wash your bathroom mirrors, toilets, counters, bathtubs, and showers. Bathtubs/showers can be a mold and slag breeding area, so make sure these areas work well. When you do your weekly washing, also throw the bath towels in the washing machine. Since you are likely to use towels properly after showering or washing your hands, you will want to dry yourself with clean towels.

Furniture Dust furniture can be easily picked up, so take the time to wash them. Not only does the dust look bad, but it is known to leave soft scratches on the end if something is against it. It is also bad for your health, so wash them every week to avoid breathing.

Sheets you spend a lot of time sleeping in your bed, so it is important to keep your sheets clean. During the night, it leaves sweat, oils and dead cells on the sheets. They will remain on the sheets until you wash them, so try to wash them at least once a week.

Washing machines while washing machines are meant to wash clothes, sometimes they have to be on your cleaning list. To prevent the reproduction of models and bacteria, you should wash your washing machine once a week. With washing, run a small load with whites, warm water and bleach. Do not forget to wash the outside of the washing machine, as dirt can accumulate in this area.

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