How To Clean Hard Water Buildup?

If your water has a high concentration of calcium, magnesium and other dissolved minerals, it is considered hard water. Hard water on a surface shows up as a stain, white film or mineral deposit. It not only creates an unsightly appearance, but it can also lead to damage to your appliances, fixtures, dishes and even clothing.

It is important to remove the hard water buildup as soon as you notice it, as you do not want it to progress into a bigger problem. You can clean the hard water buildup by keeping the following tips in mind.

Washing Machine

A washing machine with hard water buildup leads to clothing that looks faded and feels uncomfortable. The buildup can even damage the materials of your clothing, which is why it needs to be removed as soon as possible. You can remove the buildup by adding a gallon of white vinegar to your empty washing machine and running the wash cycle on the hot water setting.


Hard water buildup in your dishwasher can lead to stained dishes, so you want to clean your dishwasher once a month. You can do this by adding a cup of white vinegar to your empty dishwasher. Then, run the cleaning cycle to remove the hard water. It never hurts to clean your dishwasher even if you do not notice any signs of buildup.

Sinks and Bathtubs

Sinks and bathtubs need to be cleaned often to ensure they are not affected by hard water buildup. Remove the buildup from these areas by spraying each surface with vinegar or lemon juice. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes before wiping it down. If necessary, repeat the process until the buildup is gone.

While it may seem like a lot of work, removing hard water buildup is essential to running a clean, efficient home.

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